May 2003


       My name is Frónar Ýr, but Danielle, my owner, prefers Yrja ! I am a little Icelandic Sheepdog bitch. I was born on 2002, September 16th in Iceland, in Anna Dora Markusdottir and Jon Barni's farm, beside a little town named Grundarfjorður. The situation is in Snæfellness peninsula, from the name of the famous glacier, Snæfellnessjökull ; we can see it from Reykjavik, the main town of Iceland. When Danielle came in Iceland at the beginning of December to bring me to France, I was running with my brother, sisters and parents around the farm. The weather was not very good, but since I am in France, it's the same as in Iceland!

The farm "Bergi" where is born Yrja

        Since my new family is welcoming, I have felt very comfortable very rapidly. There are toys, a little broken by my predecessors, but I enjoy myself to my heart's content to destroy them more ! And Danielle buys some new toys sometimes.

       I have also made two friends , Pjetur, another Icelandic Sheepdog (his birth name is Pytur, but Danielle prefer Pjetur, "Pierre" in French or "Peter" in English), and a she cat, a Burmese whose name is Solène du Relais Napoléon, do you realize, it's with upper crust that I am associated !

Yrja October 25th 2002

       Pjetur is French Champion in 2002 for the Standard Conformity, I would like to follow his footsteps, it seems that our breed is very rare in France. Pjetur practise also obedience and agility, only in training program for the moment, because the club is not still affiliated member to S. C. C. ("Société Centrale Canine", the great society for dogs in France). But it's going to occur, and Danielle hope to try to compete in agility with Pjetur very soon. Danielle said me that I am going to learn me too obedience and agility. We have began a few days after my arrival in France. At the beginning, the collar and the leash, it was a little unpleasant, but now I am eight months, and I am very proud to know how to walk very close the Danielle's left foot, to sit down when she asks me. I see that she is very happy, especially when I am far away from her, and I hurry back when she call me, whistle, or clap with her hands.

Yrja December 2nd 2002

       At home, I play a little with Solène, I run after her through the house, we sniff or lick each other, and we flick with paws. I don't succeed always to brighten Pjetur, he is an old fatty who doesn't always want to play. I have to tell you that he is old compared with me : he is nearly four years old ! I have to fire big artillery : I have to turn round him while barking, I jump upon him, I pull his hair and I bite his tail. Sometimes him, big simpleton, look at Danielle sheepishly and she says:" She is still just a child, she will grow out of it ! " Finally he give in, and when he start playing, we enjoy at breakneck speed in the house yard, on the recreation ground of our village, or in the country tracks around. I have to sleep after.

       There are also in a meadow three little mares, Icelandic Horses, and they are as me born in Iceland. You will see on Danielle's photos Soley fra Vilmundarstodum, Nöss fra Krossi and Freya fra Oddholl. These small horses are very strong and they are full of pep.

       That's all, I have presented you all my family. For the moment, life is good. I hope that it will continue ! I think I will write again in a short time. But I have asked Pjetur to make an effort to tell a little about his life. I would like he talk about agility. Agility, it's really great ! The footbridge, the tunnel, the sock, the palisade, and so on, I really enjoy all that ! I hope to practise one day like Pjetur.

Pjetur and Danielle playing agility

November 2003

       I put again pen to paper, because Pjetur is not really ready to tell you his story : he has hurted his left frontleg on April 14th, and since this date, he has a lot of problems. Danielle was by her mother with us (Solene, Pjetur and I) and he has twisted his paw we don't know how ! He has been x-rayed immediately, the veterinary thought it was a sprain, and he fixed the paw with a splint. When we went back home, our usual veterinary, Gery, when he saw the radios, thought that the paw was cracked, and said that we had to fix it much longer. Pjetur has broken two splint, so Gery decided to make a resin plaster. After three weeks, the paw was always out of order.

Pjetur in his cage June 15th 2003

       Finally, Gery has send Danielle and Pjetur in a veterinary clinic near Paris. The surgeon made elaborate X-ray photographs at the time of the first meet on June, 6th, and the diagnostic was not very good ! A ligament was destroyed and a little bone in the middle of the wrist was no more at its place, and moved in the wrist. The best solution was to block the articulation with a sheet of metal and screws.

       The operation took place in June, 12th. Everything went smoothly. I had to comfort Danielle because Pjetur stayed in the clinic during three days, and she was very anxious for that operation. I have gone with Danielle to the clinic to bring back Pjetur at home. He was not in very pretty condition : he was wearing a big collarette, he was cropped right up the top of his shoulder, because the surgeon took a little medulla in his left shoulder to make a graft in the wrist : a big bump and seven stitches.

       On the other hand, the operation was not the biggest problem ! After that, Pjetur had to stay without running during two months, only walking a little to go to the loo, with a resin plaster, for the consolidation of the articulation. It has been a difficult time for a lively dog as Pjetur. Danielle bought a cage to put him in when she had to go away. For me also, it was a little hard, because I like to play and I could not with Pjetur. Well, I have really made up for it since, and I have helped Pjetur for his re-education !
       Meanwhile, I have gone regularly with Danielle in canine education, and it seems that I am very talented, even in Agility. It's very easy, apart the slalom, this, it's harder. But it will come ! Sometimes, Danielle says I am a little obstinate, on the Agility ground I like to sniff here and there, there are a lot of smells everywhere !

Pjetur in his cage July 10th 2003

       On August, 18th, Gery our veterinary removed the resin plaster of Pjetur. It was a relief for the poor boy who has supported all the heatwave with this weight on his paw ! Gradually, we went walking in the evening to develop his muscles. He has also practise a little Agility ! Danielle wanted to see what he was able to do before she will herself operated on her left ankle ,left leg, they go well together, being lame on the same side !

       Then for the moment we cannot practise Agility, but Danielle hope to start again during the next spring !

       Last news, we have gone to our National Breeding Show on September 20th and 21st, I have been confirmed, I am noted "Excellent", and I am going to be "Recommended", because I am free from eyes diseases and my hips are HD free ( noted "A" in France). Pjetur is alredy "Recommended", but he has been submitted to the same exams, and he has obtained the same results. So, we will get babies together !

Yrja National Breeding Show September 20th 2003